Interview with the resigning Ági Szánti 

July 30, 2022

After 14 years, Ági Szánti says goodbye to our team! In an interview with her, we talked to her about the beginnings, his time here and his future plans.


When, how old and how did you start skating?

The ice came into my life quite late. I first stood on ice when I was 7 and started ice dance at the age of 8.  I went to the City Park (Budapest) for training with a classmate and in one of the classes they replaced the instructor. Sándor Nagy, ice dance coach, gave the lesson. After the class was over, I was always skating a little on the ice with my friend, and then “Uncle Sanyi” came up to find me good and I went down to them for an ice dance workout. I was afraid of him at the beginning, because it was about my fourth time on the ice and I couldn’t really imagine an ice dance practice, but I ended up stuck there. Eternal gratitude to him and Gabi Remport, without whom I would never have thought of becoming a skater.

When and how did you join the team?

I joined Passion in the summer of 2008. The girls were already past the World Championships, which was held in Hungary. In this competition, I participate as an ice dancer at the opening. Before their World Championship, I hadn’t really heard about synchronised skating, in fact I didn’t even know that there was a team in Hungary. Unfortunately, at this time I had been looking for a partner for a year and had already given up on having any future in ice skating. That’s when my parents told me to try syncing up, because we saw at the World Championships that it was a very promising sport, and by the way, it seemed like a great atmosphere of competition. I’ve never seen anything like it before, it has a completely different atmosphere.

What does Team Passion mean to you?

It would be hard to say, but in fact everything. I owe my best friends to the team, the most beautiful experiences, I got to wonderful places and stadiums applauded us standing. This feeling cannot be compared to anything else. I learned to work as a team, to stand up after every setback and never give up… Then this year we saw that every minute of the fight was worth it, the hard work was worth it. I learned something from all my teammates and coaches that made me the person I am today. Thank you. 🙂

What was your most memorable moment with Team Passion?

I would like to highlight three World Championships that I will definitely never forget. The first, of course, was my first world championship, which was also my first synchro competition. It was a very unexpected situation that we solved as a team. They voted for me, and then something turned over in me, maybe that’s when I became sure I had a place here. My second most memorable moment was the Hungarian World Championship, the energy we received there from the fans, our family and friends cannot be described in words. I hope that every athlete can experience this one day. And, of course, the greatest experience was this year’s World Championship, where we achieved the goal set by Passion 10 years ago. We came to the top of the table, in 8th place among the top teams. A small country has become the 5th best nation in the world of synchronised skating. We were recognized by the coaches, skaters and, of course, the technical panel, who accompanied us along the bumpy journey we’ve taken. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending than being part of a sporting history that I fought so hard for, which I always believed in, and now it’s here, we did it together.

When and why did you decide to stop?

I started the last season thinking that whatever it is, this is going to be the last dance. I think the only way to end all these years is to consciously prepare for it, decide ahead and live every minute of the season accordingly. I’m 28 years old and I had to realize that it was time for me to pay more attention to my work, my relationship and my family. So far, I’ve had to take time off everything else for skates, it’s time to pay it back. 🙂

How will skating appear in your life?

Of course, I do not want to distance myself from the sport. I’m going to stay coached by Mini Passion and try to pass on as much knowledge as possible to the youth team. I hope this sport will give them as much joy as it has given me. That’s my biggest motivation. Or the Passion girls can count on me at any time as a physiotherapist or whatever they need me in.

What advice would you give to the team?

Never give up because you can do anything. We have proven this many times, it will be no different after all, and of course enjoy every minute of it! I love you girls!