The Hungarian synchronized skating team was formed in the summer of 2007 under the name Team Passion with the aim of representing Hungary with a strong team at the 2008 World Championships in Hungary. The national team achieved its goal of finishing 14th in the World Cup, surpassing the best Hungarian result to date, thus opening up new opportunities for the team.

Team Passion spent most of its preparation time in Miskolc, the largest synchronised skating base in the country at the time, and then the team moved to Budapest. The number of obstacles to be overcome has only increased, and we fought to keep the team and the sport alive in our country.

The big breakthrough came again with the fact that Hungary was given the right to host the 2016 World Cup, and with it we have also been given the opportunity to prove ourselves again, as from this season we managed to cooperate with Andrea Dohány, the most respected coach in the sport, who has already led the Swedish team to the World Championship six times and hopefully with his expertise will help us for many years to come.

In addition to the team’s 11-time Hungarian title and numerous international successes, we are proud that since 2016 we have consistently finished in the midfield at the World Championships and are able to compete with the best of the sport.

Of course, success depends not only on the 20 athletes who step on the ice. Without the federation, our coaches, our supporters and our fans, we wouldn’t be here. The energy and work they put into it allows us to focus only on the implementation of perfect programs. A team can only be truly successful if everyone wants to win.

We all want to be the best among the best. But only together, as Team Passion.