Interview with the international authority Andrea Dohány

July 27, 2022

Andrea Dohány also helped the girls prepare this year. During an interview with her, we talked to her about last season, working with the girls and future opportunities.

How do you value the result of the World Championships in Hamilton?

Every year I tell the girls during the preparations that it could be better, but last year I could say many times that this is really good! I am very sorry for that drop in the short program, I think if it wasn’t, they could finish even further, and based on their performance, that would have been more than realistic. Of course, as always, next year our goal is to move forward!

Year after year, you visit the girls during the preparation period. Do you see the progress on them?

At first there was a lot of rot in the team year after year, so each time we had to start a little over again. However, in the last 1-2 years, a hard core has emerged that can really be built on, so I can absolutely say that I see the development of girls. I am always very happy for the old faces, who, in addition to being experienced themselves, can also help the new ones to integrate.

How do you prepare to come here, what level of plans do you come with?

I never write a plan in advance. I have an idea in my head that I come with, but it is greatly influenced by several factors here while practicing. For example, it is completely different to listen to music between the four walls than here on the ice. We go for it and usually the ideas come. And, of course, the individual movements of the girls should also be taken into account, which can only be really seen here. Not every figure fit to everyone and not everything is the same easy or difficult to everyone.

The girls also know how privileged it is to help their work year after year. Why do you have the honor of saying yes to this invitation?

I have a soft spot for the girls for many years. My goal is to have a future. I hope that after many years of work, the coaches here will have enough experience to continue the line we started when I am no longer.

What do you say to the girls?

I’m really rooting for them because they really deserve good results because they put everything into the work!